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Basement tanking in Kent

Basement Tanking Kent

Are you in the hunt for the very best Basement Tanking Kent homeowners can access in today's modern market? Then look no further, as our dedicated and reliable team at Any Drains offer a complete basement tanking service that we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with.

Basement tanking is absolutely essential for your home's health and structure, so there’s no time like the present to seek out basement tanking for your cellar today. Basement tanking can be described as a form of waterproofing which is generally used to prevent damp problems in underground spaces such as your cellar.

Our dedicated specialists will show you exactly what basement tanking systems are available for your unique wants and needs, as well as how to apply them, and how they can work so well alongside other waterproof systems to help you keep your basement as safe and dry as can be while minimising the risk of leaks and flooding like never before.

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Basement tanking systems - what are they?

One of the most important considerations for any basement or cellar project is to waterproof the area, as you simply cannot run the risk of allowing your basement to fall victim to water damage in any way if you want to protect your home and its contents. Basement tanking systems are some of the most vital systems inside a modern home that’s totally safe and efficient, and it can help you save a considerable sum of money if you’re prone to flooding.

Rather than having to shell out for basement flood clean up along with the replacement of all of your furniture, decor and more, you can simply choose to invest in the best basement tanking so that you can prevent any flooding or water related issues from disrupting your home life!

What is Basement tanking

Basement tanking is essentially the application of a kind of cementitious waterproof coating, commonly referred to as tanking slurry, to the walls and floor inside of your basement. You can also choose to back this slurry up by installing an extra layer of waterproof membranes that can help to provide you with complete protection, ensuring your basement walls remain as dry as bone for as long as possible.

Tanking is mostly used to tackle water ingress, and basement tanking is particularly good at resisting hydrostatic pressure (this means water pressure on underground walls that stems from the surrounding earth). This is likely why tanking is such a great choice for a basement, as these selling points and advantages make it an extremely popular method of treating and waterproofing damp walls that are located underground.

We recognise that the level of basement tanking Kent homeowners expect is second to none, so that’s why we are committed to focusing on even the smallest of details when we perform basement tanking. You can rest easy knowing that if you choose Any Drains, you’ll benefit from an amazing basement tanking service.

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What is the cost to tank a basement?

It’s fair to say that the cost of tanking your basement will be determined by a number of different factors that can bring the price up or down.

The size of your basement will certainly influence the cost of your basement tanking, as the larger the space is, the more you will have to pay due to the increased workload and the need for a large volume of materials. The extent of any damage to your basement walls will be taken into consideration too, as you need fresh, smooth walls for tanking to succeed properly.

You can also expect to pay differently for varying methods of tanking, as some tanking types cost more than others due to numerous contributing factors. Ultimately, it’s fair to say that it is pretty impossible to offer an accurate estimate of your basement tanking costs until an in depth site survey has been performed! However, the cost of tanking your basement is never going to be more than the cost of cleaning up and repairing your basement after a flood, so it’s totally worth the investment.

You could be left having to fork out thousands of pounds to clear out your basement and bring it back to life after water gets in, so paying a smaller fee now will be much better than having to pay a much larger amount in the future.

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