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Drain relining in Kent

Drain Relining Kent

If you own an older property or you have recently moved into one, it’s a good idea to reline the pipes and drains to prevent cracks and damage that can lead to low water pressure and flooding.

Contact All Drains today to discuss drain pipe relining repairs.

Drain pipe relining Kent

Drain Relining Kent

Whether you are thinking of buying a new property or you need to repair the drains on an existing one, you might want to consider drain relining Kent. Drain relining is a process of repairing cracked and broken pipes from the inside and extending their life by fifty years.

When drain pipes are cracked or damaged, it can lead to flooding issues and blockages that affect your quality of life at the most inconvenient times. While cracked drains and pipes can be expensive and inconvenient to repair when groundwork is involved, there is a simpler solution.

Drain relining is a process of lining the inside of a cracked drain with a special resin that bonds to the pipe material and seals it. This repair is simple, straightforward, and long-lasting; after the repair has been sealed with UV light, it stays resilient for decades. Contact Any Drains today.

What is Pipe Relining

Typically drainage refers to the wastewater that is taken away from a property, while pipes are used for water that flows into the plumbing systems. Pipes and drains are often confused because they carry out similar functions, and they encounter similar issues, such as cracks.

Pipes tend to crack in the winter when cold weather causes the water to freeze and expand. When this happens, cracks occur that reduce water pressure in your system and cause flooding when the system starts to thaw. Thankfully, pipe cracks can be repaired the same as drains.

Any Drain provides a 24/7 service to repair pipes using pipe relining in Kent. As with drains, an Any Drain engineer will arrive at your property with drain relining equipment and set to work right away. In a short time, you can turn the system on with a resilient and guaranteed repair.

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Our Drain Pipe Relining Process

If you think you need pipe relining services contact All Drains in Kent today and speak to one of our professional engineers. We discuss your issues and arrange a visit at your convenience - emergency services are also available, so we can repair your pipes any time of day or night.

If we determine that your property could benefit from a drain pipe lining repair, we take care of the work quickly so that you are not inconvenienced for long. Using a popular slip lining process, we strengthen the internal structure of the pipes, increasing the lifespan without replacement.

After a repair from All Drains, your internal pipes should be back in working order and guaranteed for a period, but that’s not the end of the story. At All Drains, we believe in customer service, which is why we provide an excellent aftercare service when the job is complete.

How Much Does Drain Relining Cost

Drain relining is the best way to repair drains and pipes quickly and extend their lifespan by up to fifty years; it is also far cheaper than alternatives like replacing the pipe systems, but how much do they cost. Overall, the cost of relining pitch fibre drains is cheaper than alternatives.

The cost of your drain pipe relining depends on the length of pipe being replaced and the diameter; you will also have to pay for labour services. Typical rates for drain relining companies are £72 per metre for 100 mm diameter pipes and £108 per metre for 150 mm diameter.

While standard pricing exists for drain relining in Kent, All Drains prides itself on offering competitive rates for parts and labour. To find out more about pricing and receive a quote from All Drains, contact us today by phone or through the website to speak with a qualified engineer.

Drain relining kent

Contact Any Drains Direct for Drain Lining Near me in Kent

If you think you need drain lining services, contact us today to find out more about our services and prices. All Drains is a local plumbing and groundworks company in Kent, so if you live in the area, you can benefit from competitive services and quality work from a reputable company.

Drain relining in Kent can extend the lifespan of your home’s pipes and drains for up to fifty years, saving you money and preventing extensive groundwork.

Why not increase the value of your property and reduce inconvenience by having pipes and drains relined with All Drains?

Our Service Coverage

We provide a wide range of drainage services throughout Kent, some of these include;

Basement Cleanup, Basement Tanking, Blocked Drains, Blocked Toilets, CCTV Drain Surveys, Drain Relining, Drain Repairs, Drain Testing, Garden Drainage & Septic Tank Emptying.